Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Women, Boobs and Prostitutes and Pimps

Or does estrogen impair your common sense?
Ever since Sandra Fluke http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandra_Fluke placed herself on the public stage and demanded free contraception coverage for all women I’ve been trying to formulate a nice way of saying that most women are boobs, prostitutes and pimps in a kind way.
Since I am a woman, was born a woman, and have been a woman all my life I feel immensely qualified to voice an opinion on the subject of women who fall under these categories.  Before the 2008 election when those of us who knew what lurked beneath the surface of the public Obama I told my sister women would vote for him in droves.  She argued with me, but I insisted it would be so because I know women.  Most women are estrogen driven.  They will fall for a pretty face, a smooth line, a quirky accent anything that causes their estrogen to pump.  They will overlook character flaws and obvious discrepancies simply because their hormones cry out for attention.
In their defense most women have a tendency based upon these hormonal fluctuations to be more understanding, more forgiving and more gullible than most men would be.  Most women want to believe what they are being told is true.  If someone tells an overweight, wrinkled up crone that she’s beautiful and sexy she will choose to believe he or she means it.  It is for that reason women are so often sucked in by con artists, led astray by empty promises and vote for the pretty face with the smooth line who is skilled at turning a phrase or outright lying.  Their tendency to make hormonal decisions makes them boobs.  They are not malicious…Just foolish.
Many women are also sneaky, catty, and will sell a close friend out in a minute.  They will say anything, do anything and be anything that they believe will benefit the end they pursue.  I expect men to lie to me.  It is their nature.  Once you understand that they will tell you anything to get you into bed, you understand you can never believe everything they tell you.  But you can never trust a woman (well maybe your mother) but none of the others.  They will stand flat footed and lie to your face.  They will sell you out and declare it never happened and they seldom lose sleep over anything they do.  To most women the end justifies the means and once they’ve decided the end they want it’s no holds barred.  They will compromise their ethics and do anything to get what they want.  If you seek the alternative definition in Wikipedia you find they are prostituting themselves.
The word "prostitution" can also be used metaphorically to mean debasing oneself or working towards an unworthy cause or "selling out".[10] In this sense, "prostituting oneself" or "whoring oneself" the services or acts performed are typically not sexual.
Do you think maybe Rush was right?  I heard his commentary and I agreed with everything he said http://womensissues.about.com/od/reproductiverights/a/Rush-Limbaughs-Comments-And-Sandra-Flukes-Testimony-Fact-Vs-Fiction_2.htm  If a woman chooses to sell her self to further her cause or any cause she is a prostitute.  My mom always told me, “You only have one reputation…protect it.”  As with many other things I didn’t always listen to my mother, but I did learn for myself that you never sell out your convictions for anything without suffering the repercussions.
In the same respect women can be pimps as well as any man.  You see it everyday as they “prostitute themselves in the political arena and pimp for their candidates.  It’s a totally different thing to support a cause with the courage of your convictions.  When you know the cause is flawed and you continue to push that cause you are pimping the cause.
So ladies. drop your indignation.  Become the informed, intelligent people God intended you to be and stop being the pimps and prostitutes political parties and candidates want you to be.  Don’t be a boob.  Turn off the television.  Know your candidates and don’t be fooled by a pretty face or a smooth line.  Don’t vote with your hormones.  Vote with the mind you were given.


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