Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Women, Boobs and Prostitutes and Pimps

Or does estrogen impair your common sense?
Ever since Sandra Fluke http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandra_Fluke placed herself on the public stage and demanded free contraception coverage for all women I’ve been trying to formulate a nice way of saying that most women are boobs, prostitutes and pimps in a kind way.
Since I am a woman, was born a woman, and have been a woman all my life I feel immensely qualified to voice an opinion on the subject of women who fall under these categories.  Before the 2008 election when those of us who knew what lurked beneath the surface of the public Obama I told my sister women would vote for him in droves.  She argued with me, but I insisted it would be so because I know women.  Most women are estrogen driven.  They will fall for a pretty face, a smooth line, a quirky accent anything that causes their estrogen to pump.  They will overlook character flaws and obvious discrepancies simply because their hormones cry out for attention.
In their defense most women have a tendency based upon these hormonal fluctuations to be more understanding, more forgiving and more gullible than most men would be.  Most women want to believe what they are being told is true.  If someone tells an overweight, wrinkled up crone that she’s beautiful and sexy she will choose to believe he or she means it.  It is for that reason women are so often sucked in by con artists, led astray by empty promises and vote for the pretty face with the smooth line who is skilled at turning a phrase or outright lying.  Their tendency to make hormonal decisions makes them boobs.  They are not malicious…Just foolish.
Many women are also sneaky, catty, and will sell a close friend out in a minute.  They will say anything, do anything and be anything that they believe will benefit the end they pursue.  I expect men to lie to me.  It is their nature.  Once you understand that they will tell you anything to get you into bed, you understand you can never believe everything they tell you.  But you can never trust a woman (well maybe your mother) but none of the others.  They will stand flat footed and lie to your face.  They will sell you out and declare it never happened and they seldom lose sleep over anything they do.  To most women the end justifies the means and once they’ve decided the end they want it’s no holds barred.  They will compromise their ethics and do anything to get what they want.  If you seek the alternative definition in Wikipedia you find they are prostituting themselves.
The word "prostitution" can also be used metaphorically to mean debasing oneself or working towards an unworthy cause or "selling out".[10] In this sense, "prostituting oneself" or "whoring oneself" the services or acts performed are typically not sexual.
Do you think maybe Rush was right?  I heard his commentary and I agreed with everything he said http://womensissues.about.com/od/reproductiverights/a/Rush-Limbaughs-Comments-And-Sandra-Flukes-Testimony-Fact-Vs-Fiction_2.htm  If a woman chooses to sell her self to further her cause or any cause she is a prostitute.  My mom always told me, “You only have one reputation…protect it.”  As with many other things I didn’t always listen to my mother, but I did learn for myself that you never sell out your convictions for anything without suffering the repercussions.
In the same respect women can be pimps as well as any man.  You see it everyday as they “prostitute themselves in the political arena and pimp for their candidates.  It’s a totally different thing to support a cause with the courage of your convictions.  When you know the cause is flawed and you continue to push that cause you are pimping the cause.
So ladies. drop your indignation.  Become the informed, intelligent people God intended you to be and stop being the pimps and prostitutes political parties and candidates want you to be.  Don’t be a boob.  Turn off the television.  Know your candidates and don’t be fooled by a pretty face or a smooth line.  Don’t vote with your hormones.  Vote with the mind you were given.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cheri H Dorbritz


Yesterday was Texas Independence Day. I missed it because I was too busy doing all the things independence lets me do. Don't forget that Texas is under attack by this administration because we are independent and we will not be pushed around. We are also under attack from within by liberals and RINO's who would like to turn us into California, New York City, Chicago or Detroit.
Vote in the primaries. It's important.

Texas Independence Day!


If Texas is to withstand the tests presented in the 21st Century, our commitment to life, liberty and property must be as unwavering today as was the commitm...


Cheri H Dorbritz You know I forgot to point out that while some territories were bought for a song or traded away Texas, like our great nation, was fought for and won with the blood of mighty warriors from many areas. They stood against the odds and died because they knew this was land worth fighting for.

    • Cheri H Dorbritz We hold dear the freedoms they fought for and we value the microcosm of human and natural resources that makes Texas unique. We reserve a small, insignificant mission as a holy shrine to our maker and to the men who fought and died on that ground for freedom and independence. We are now engaged in a long term fight to preserve our state values and the values of our nation. We cannot give up and we must press forward. One voice can't be heard over the din, but when voices unite into one we can be heard all over the world. Use your voice for freedom and independence from government waste and control. Use your voice and VOTE!

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Cheri H Dorbritz

Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Defense of Romney


Romney’s ‘Poor’ Quote Twisted by Media

I don’t like Mitt Romney.  I don’t know why except to say that he reminds me of a used car salesman, he stammers around too much and he lacks passion.  I can’t honestly tell you what he believes because I have never heard him speak convincingly on any subject.  That and he was the Governor of Massachusetts (home of Ted Kennedy and a nest of wealthy; liberal vipers if I’ve ever seen one).  I’m pretty sure if I ever met this man in person we would not be friends.  But in defense of Romney I must say that I’m kind of with him on his “Poor” statement.

I don’t worry about the poor because they are handed everything by our society that you can possibly hand someone.  Most of America gets their impression of the “poor” from the media and that is a grossly slanted view.  The poor in America have free food, free medical care, free or low cost housing, free cell phones, free educations, three free meals a day at school for their children and just about anything else you can hand out to them.  The poor in America are not poor.  The only  truly poor in America are those children in the foster system, often the elderly and the working poor.  Foster kids are dependent on the state to provide them with a safe home and little else.  Often they don’t even get the safe home, but if they do their foster parents must stretch money intended for food and shelter and there’s little left for frills.  Many of the elderly fall in the same category stretching what they receive as far as it can be stretched and more often than not falling victim to unscrupulous people who prey on their vulnerability.

Then we have the working poor.  Those who work and struggle everyday to make ends meet, but they don’t get free healthcare, no one subsidizes their housing or feeds them because they make just a little too much money.  Not enough mind you,, just too much.  These are the people who don’t want help they just don’t want to foot the bill for everyone else.  They don’t want you to pay for their insurance, they just resent paying for yours.  They don’t want you to pay for their kids education, but they resent the so called “poor” getting aide that’s paid out of their taxes.  They don’t want food stamps they just want food prices to stop outpacing their income.

I could go on, but what I really want you to do is go out and take a look around.  Drive through the “poor” sections of town.  Look at the cars parked in the subsidized housing, look at the electric toy cars on the porches of falling down houses, get in line at the grocery store on the first of the month and watch the people in front of you talking on their 4G phones(which you can’t afford) who pay for their beer and DVD’s separately after getting their milk and cheese free with a WIC card and paying for their groceries with food stamps.  Their kids all have braces on their teeth and glasses.  Yours can probably afford one or the other.  Just look.  Open your eyes and you will see things that will make you very angry.  There is definitely a class war going on in America, but it’s the poor outpacing those who foot the bill for their “poverty”.

You don’t need to worry about the “Poor” in America.  America needs to start worrying about who's going to foot the bill for the poor when us poor schlubs are all tapped out and frankly I’m just about there.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Romney Gives Unemployed Woman Cash on Rope line - ABC News

In the frenzy of politicking and primary voting  a little noticed gesture occurred that may well become Mitt Romney’s defining moment.  I won’t waste time on the background (follow the link and read for yourself http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/01/romney-gives-unemployed-woman-cash-on-ropeline/) except to say that a financially troubled woman approached Romney on a rope line to briefly plead her case and ask for help. He paused long enough to open his wallet and hand her some cash.  Subsequently the SC Treasurer Loftis arranged to have her lights turned back on.

Some may see this as a true kindness and how beneficent and compassionate Romney can be, some may chose to ignore it, but I must seize upon it to say that this significantly portrays what is wrong in America and why I don’t believe Romney is the solution to the problem.

I’m no fan of “Slick Mitt”.  I didn’t like him last election cycle and I like him no better now, but I have said (and I intend to abide by it ) I will support whomever receives the Republican nomination because I insist that we elect “anybody but Obama”.  We’ve had three years of ballooning debt and deficit as well as an inability to stop federal spending and over regulation in all aspects of our lives.  Taxpayers can no longer afford to support social benefit after social benefit while we struggle to make ends meet in our own homes and business’.

So what does the man who may very well be the alternative to Obama do when confronted with someone who has no job and is in need of assistance do?  He hands her cash.  I wouldn’t want him to stop what he’s doing, take a moment to think about this person as an individual and say, “ I have to go right now, but I want you to go with this person (hand her off to someone on his staff or even his wife) who will take the time to sit down with you, see what kind of work you normally do and figure out what we can do to assist you with a loan to get you through until we can help you locate work that will get you out of this bind and help get you back on your feet.”  That is a gesture that would have given him my vote of support FOR Mitt Romney as a candidate rather than as a vote for “Anybody but Obama”.

As a nation have we forgotten how to fish and how to teach people to fish and feed themselves?  Is the answer to every plea a handout or a hand up.  Do we truly believe the answer to every problem is just throwing money at it or do we believe that people can help themselves with the help of others who can show them the way.

I don’t resent that Romney is wealthy or how he acquired that wealth.  I’m happy for him and pleased that he figured out how to make a bundle from guiding foundering business’ into profitability (and yes sometimes to succeed you have to cut the fat).  What I am disappointed in is his inability to apply that principle to that one person standing on the rope line who reached out for help.  He could have had a defining moment.  He chose instead to throw money at it.



Romney Gives Unemployed Woman Cash on Rope line - ABC News

Thursday, January 12, 2012

If You Attended

If you attended the Meet & Greet the NLRB held today (at taxpayer expense) to meet appointees made during the pro forma session of congress then shame on you. It is exactly for this reason that people get so riled up. You should be dressing down the President, initiating impeachment proceedings against him and in general “Your Job” not swilling wine with illegal appointments. The President initiated a military action against another sovereign nation without your vote (a direct violation of our Constitution) and now he has made recess appointments while congress was still in session another direct violation of our constitution and still you do nothing. You are frankly in direct danger of losing your jobs if you do not stand up for the Constitutional rights of the citizens of your state and this nation.

You concede too much authority to the Executive branch and you should be ashamed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What U Don’t Know That U Need 2 No


Ads are hitting the airwaves stating that Congress wants to cut Medicare payments to hospitals.  Medicare was a gift.  There was nothing in the original SS legislation that applied any of your earnings to medical care.  That was a gift from another Congress in another time.  Why do I call it a gift?  Because those who passed it at the time knew it wasn’t and couldn’t be supported by earnings contributions that were already overextended.  They did it for electability. 

I understand that and retirees should too.  What you also need to understand is that Medicare could be manageable.  It could be feasible for us to support Medicare IF (and that’s a big if) we did not have to support every whiner in the world with Medicaid.  That’s where the little ditty of an ad veers off course.  At the end of the ad Medicaid rears it’s ugly head. 

In America we support non earners (those who don’t or can’t work) with an income.  Then we give them food stamps so they can eat.   Then we give them subsidized housing so they don’t have to live in boxes.  Then we not only meet their basic medical needs we provide them with medical care that many wage earning taxpayers cannot afford.

If that’s not enough we also give these benefits to anyone who comes into this nation  legally or illegally until they get on their feet.  Unfortunately the system is too big and no one can actually keep track of who truly deserves help and who doesn’t.  It is a common practice for illegals to work off the books or for low wages and still be supplemented with all these gifts.  Where does the money come from?  IT CAME FROM THE FUNDS YOU PAID INTO SS UNTIL THAT WAS ALL GONE THEN IT WAS BORROWED.

Those who support taking care of our elderly as I do get disgusted when Medicaid is lumped in with Medicare.  But remember Medicare is a gift.  You never paid for it.  All you paid for was a Social Security check every month when you reached retirement.

BUT (and this is a big but) that’s not the only thing that is bleeding dry the funds we could be funneling into Medicare to care for the twilight years of our elderly.  Get on the SSI bandwagon.  Do you think anything was paid into any fund to support anyone with a disability?  No.  Do you think anything was paid into any fund to support survivor benefits? No.  Please do the math.  There is no way that a man who dies at thirty years old has paid enough into his social security account to provide  $400 a month for  his 2 and 4 year old until they turn 18.  It’s a gift from some distant congress who wanted to get re-elected. 

What is going unspoken in these ads is that Medicaid doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of getting any support so they lump it in with Medicare because it’s a big lobby.

We can support our seniors.  We can’t support every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants a free ride.  Hospitals and Doctors and insurance companies cannot tote the load.  The Republic is broke and has about reached it’s borrowing limit.  Stop Medicaid.  Stop disability payments and Seniors stop allowing advertisers to lump you in with a corrupt system.

Lift the maximum earnings limit and get rid of the Medicaid freeloaders and seniors won’t have to worry about benefits being cut. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Slippery Situation that is Greece


Eurozone On the Edge of Disaster | TheBlaze.com

For those of you who have investments in the stock market (no one I know) this is the top story for several days that is actually eclipsing OWS in the MS media.  Interestingly enough this sparks my interest not because I am a Euro groupie (those Americans who think everything in Europe is better, smarter, more urbane or just generally uber-cool) but because I find myself actually applauding the Prime Minister George Papandreou for choosing to offer a referendum on the EU bailout for the citizens of Greece to vote on.  What a novel idea…Actually allowing citizens to vote on an issue and then for government to actually abide by that vote.

It used to work that way in America.  When you voted for a Representative you knew that person would actually go to the seat of government and reflect the opinion of the majority (those who elected him) in his vote.  Not anymore. Now we speak clearly through our votes, our chosen representatives go to DC where they drink the water, get brainwashed or for whatever reason ignore the wishes of their constituency and vote with the herd.

Everyone assumes such a referendum would lead to Greece thumbing their nose at the EU by refusing the austerity measures attached to a bailout of their country.  Those who believe themselves to be in the know could be surprised  there might actually be a majority of Greeks who would want the EU interference.  It’s not likely, but it has become apparent in this country that the one squeaky wheel that is getting all the grease does not necessarily reflect the sentiments of the other three smooth rolling wheels.

Personally I think it would be a great idea for Greece to vote against the austerity measures.  They would then 1) Choose to default on their debts and probably bring about the eventual demise of the European Union and it’s price fixed monetary unit the Euro, 2) Choose to sell their Geek souls to some wealthy nation such as China whose strings would (in time) prove to be many times worse than austerity, or 3) Choose the Icelandic Effect which says if you knuckle under, cut back and pay your bills you can actually come out a stronger; better nation.

Whatever happened it would be the choice of the voting citizens of Greece that made the decision.  That is a basic principal of Democracy a word according to Wikipedia (…which was coined from δῆμος (dêmos) "people" and κράτος (Kratos) "power"…)  means rule of the people.

The rule of the people is being largely ignored in our Republic.  Our elected representatives are sitting idly by allowing the Executive branch of our government to operate totally unchecked thereby placing us under the rule not '”Of the People” but by the Executive pen of one man.

How simple it would be to pass a law revoking the use of Executive Order.  I wonder why they aren’t doing that?